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The shiatsu therapists at Ground Luminosity strive to improve the quality of life of their clients by helping them to transform pain and stress into vitality.  Using pressure, stretching and manual manipulation techniques the therapist will work to disperse pain and help the client to feel their body in a new way, to become more aware of how their body moves, and to acknowledge the interconnection between the mind and body.  The goal of shiatsu treatment is to help the client to focus on the present rather than wishing for the future or struggling with the past, to help them find a path to health and wellness.



What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a bodywork therapy with origins in the Asian Healing Arts.  According to Japanese healing tradition, all illnesses of the mind and body, with their respective symptoms, are related to an underlying imbalance in an individual’s energy system.   The therapist uses pressure, stretching and other manual therapy techniques to open up the body’s energy passageways, called meridians, and allow for a smooth flow of energy throughout the body.  The end result of a shiatsu treatment is a decrease in stress and an increased sense of well-being. 



What to Expect

Shiatsu treatments are performed on a floor mat or table.  No oils are used, so the client remains clothed during the treatment.  Clothes should be loose fitting and allow for easy movement, socks should be clean.  The therapist will assess the alignment of the hips and shoulders as well as the general posture at the beginning of the session, and will cater to the needs of the client at the time of the treatment by using the combination of techniques that will best harmonize and revitalize the body, relieve pain and stress and increase the client’s sense of well-being. A typical treatment will last about one hour.


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Why Shiatsu?

Traditional Shiatsu balances energetic meridians that run along the body through pressure, stretching and other manual therapy techniques.  Eclectic Shiatsu, practiced by Curran, utilizes structural corrections and myofascial release, in addition to traditional Shiatsu techniques.  This allows for a more complete balance of the body systems.  The structure (spine, hips, shoulders, etc.) is realigned.  The muscle and fascia are released.  The energetic system harmonized.

Finding the right body therapy can be difficult.  Maximize your chance of finding the right body therapy for you by trying a variety of different massage and bodywork therapies.  Do your research and enjoy.


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

- Rumi



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